Monday, May 19, 2008

God's nature The Three Un-Wise Men

by Phil Bliss

Meet Joe. Joe is not his real name and in fact Joe could be anybody's name. Joe believes in God but doesn't feel he needs to have any type of relationship with God. To Joe God is this supernatural being that created the Earth and keeps the world in balance and gives miracles and healings when someone is sick. That is the extent of God to Joe. Joe believes that religion is for those that have a void in their life. He has no voids. Joe graduated from college and started working for 25 thousand a year. Fourteen years later, Joe is making four times what he made when he first graduated from college, he has a house in the suburbs, a wife, a child and a dog. He will probably be a VP before he is 40 and he works out three times a week so he is in really good health. Joe doesn't need God.

Meet Jack. Jack is not his real name and in fact Jack could be anybody's name. Jack believes in God but doesn't like God because Jack feels God doesn't like him. Jack sees Christians that seem to have happy lives and thinks God likes them. You see Jack has had about seven different jobs since graduating from High School 18 years ago. The mines close or the plants close or the work is just too strenuous for his back problems. Jack often wonders why God doesn't like him but never asks God. Jack just continues to feel miserable and continues to hang out with the guys on Saturday night and laugh at the old folks as they leave the catholic church across from the local bar. Jack doesn't need God.

Meet James. James is not his real name and in fact James could be anybody's name. James does not believe in God. James is fresh out of college and has a degree that he will probably never use but at least he has it. For now he is working odd jobs and wherever he can. James is free and young and loves a good party. James doesn't believe in God because he never learned the truth about God. James grew up without prayer in school and was taught evolution and it sounded good so it could not be wrong. James thinks that religious people are cool but they are really missing something. He believes they make up a God to cover up their iniquities. He knows he has some iniquities, but he covers them up with some free time with his friends. James is considering what life has to offer him and he sees no future. He thinks life is a big waste and is waiting for someone to give him the real meaning of life so he can discuss it with him. James doesn't need God.

The fact is that we all need God. He does exist and he does not hate anyone. He loves all of us but he hates our sins. He hates the pride that Joe has. He hates the self pity that Jack feels and he hates the lack of trust that James harbors. The truth is that Joe, Jack and James are like many people alive today. Many people feel they don't need God because they have all they need in their jobs and their life in the suburbs. Many people feel that God has forsaken them and they don't want any part of him. Many others were never told about God and have a hard time believing he could exist. Jesus said to his disciples "Go and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit." He told us to do this because he knew there were Joes, Jacks and James's in the world. He told us to do this because he loves every single one of them.

If you are a Joe or a Jack or a James, try to find out more about God. He does love you. If you are not a Joe or a Jack or a James, but know one of them. Pray for them and speak to them. Share your life with them and tell them how a relationship with Jesus Christ has changed your life.

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vitalyshalom said...

Great story for those, who don't believe in Him at all.
I can say together with the author - everyone needs God!