Friday, May 23, 2008

monitor I was sent this wonderful program that I enjoyed very much. It is a light and easy to use. All you need is Adobe Flash Player installed in your browser.   Just click on a link below. Waiting for your comments.

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vitalyshalom said...

Recommend for all who want to clean thir monitors. I promise you - it will not harm your computer

vitalyshalom said...

It will be interesting to hear soem comments..

Elisa said...

Hey! I can't open it. Our provider doesn't allow me to open it.
What is it? Virus?

vitalyshalom said...

No, no way. It is not a virus. Please be sure that i would not post a virus for all of you.
I think that probably your provider closes the way to open that page for some reasons. It may detect is as a suspicious source(but again there is no virus there).
But the main reason may be that you need to have Flash Player ( as the program is a flash itself ).
Please, let me know exactly and i will try to help

carly fedyshen said...

Ha! We have this kind of dog!!! He is now 9 months old, but as a smaller puppy he looked JUST like this!!! And he would have happily done exactly that too!!! Very cute and funny. I love how "clean" the screen looks after he helps!