Wednesday, May 28, 2008

vis038 What feelings say, what Jesus says.

Feeling says: You are so weak
Jesus says: That's how you can show my power

Feeling says: Build a wall
Jesus says: Nothing can separate My love from you

Feeling says: You should bow down
Jesus says: Lift your head up

Feeling says: How can you carry on?
Jesus says: If you expect from Me

Feeling says: Look around you
Jesus says: Look at Me

Feeling says: You will never overcome this
Jesus says: I set you free

Feeling says: People don't like you
Jesus says: I'm FOR you, who will be against you?

Feeling says: You stumble again and again
Jesus says: I hold you

Feeling says: You have so many cares
Jesus says: Give Me your burdens

Feeling says: You always have shortcomings
Jesus says: In Me you are perfect

Feeling says: You can only cry
Jesus says: Rejoice always

Feeling says: You are inferior
Jesus says: You are precious for Me

Feeling says: Again you didn't pray enough
Jesus says: Sleep, and rest in my peace

If you like this verse, please click on the link below and you'll have an address to the website, that has tonnes of such verses and cards (unfortunately, it is in Dutch, but there are in English too).

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vitalyshalom said...

The last two sentences touched me the most -
"Feeling says: Again you didn't pray enough
Jesus says: Sleep, and rest in my peace"
I want to obey to Jesus, so this is what i will do - sleep in His peace...

vitalyshalom said...

This postcard was sent to me by my dear friend Elisa van Voorst from The Netherlands. She gladly translated it from Dutch to English.
This inspiring verse really points at our weak body and our Mighty God! So we choose Whom or what to trust!