Sunday, June 29, 2008

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A video I created for my church. It features scenes from the short film "Most", the story of a bridge operator who is forced to choose between the life of the son he loves dearly and a train filled with people. "Most" received an Academy Award Nomination for Best Live-Action Short Film. For more information on the film, or to order a copy for your church, visit This is a fan-made video, and not affiliated with the producers, director, or actors in any way. I simply loved the message of this film and wanted to share it with as many people as possible to give it the recognition it deserves.

I couldn't post the video itself, so just posting a link of this incredible video.

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prosto.oleg said... often we do not understand a that price which was paid by Jesus for us...

vitalyshalom said...

Thanks for the comment,prosto.oleg.
I totally agree with your saying that often we underestimate God's love and care for us.
But He is loving Father, so He understands us...