Thursday, June 26, 2008

This is a song from a famous Indian movie " Disco Dancer". I am sure it is known by almost everyone, especially by those who remember Soviet Union time. Indian movies were very popular all over Soviet Union, and therefore there was a special friendship between these two countries - Soviet Union and India.

I posted it as it is a nice and funny song, that brings good emotions. Hope, you will enjoy too.

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vitalyshalom said...

When I hear this song, i have a smile on my face..
....Jimmy Jimmy Aaja-Aaja....

prosto.oleg said...

Indeed very funnily...and where you found it...:)

vitalyshalom said...

Hey prosto.oleg!
I was very pleased with your comment. Thanks a lot for it!
It was pleasant to read your comments in English.
Be inspired!